this is amazing! what did you use for the effect on the lead?
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Really nice sounding track! Listened a few times. Like the lead as others have mentioned. A few notes here and there that sounded like you improved (or was it all kind of jammed out like that?), perhaps would sound better with a few more more defined melodies...but otherwise Nice stuff!
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Wow man, sweet track. I love the lead. The texture is really cool, I use two guitars(one on each side) for my recordings, and thats what it sounds like you did. I love the effect on the lead. I guess its chorus? A good singer would make this pop!

Not much to criticize,
nice job.

mine critting mine?

Wow man, it wasn't as gloomy as i thought it was going to be, but the lead sounded really good except it just kinda came outta nowhere and punched me in the face lol.
As it went on it became really good and some of the parts were harmonized pretty well.

Definitely a rain song
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