Hi guys I decided to post the first lyrics I wrote. I haven't read any tips or so on writing lyrics, nothing. I just started writing what came on my mind , straight from the heart.
most of it will be screamed. most = like 80%.
it's not rocket science , not a lot of metaphores .. I know and I realise that, it might not be good but oh well, you don't learn without failing. be as hard on me as you like I'm here to learn , not to cry .
it's for a metalcore/hardcore song. a mix of beatdown and metalcore.
anyhow , enough talking.

What the **** happened to us

what once was, a life so promising is now gone.
again you made this mistake
once more you stab my back with this knife
the wound is still fresh and the blood does still flow
Our love lies in ashes is this our last goodbye
you never know what time could bring
hanging on to this hope a wire so thin

Take a step back
Look what you have done
Do you see I will stand strong
this pain I will overcome

this time I will not fall
I will stand tall

my life is now mine to lead
I will push it away and pick myself up
but the scars are forever engraved
The times spent together and the times spent away
I will take into my grave

this was a fight I could not win
but the memories will bare with me
forever engraved
remember my name

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