Song. Recording here: http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/blessingofunicorns/music/albums/649003 second song. Wrote it tonight, not revised. plz hlp revise.

Knife Called Lust (South Wind)

The windows - too white to see through
But the Air - warm enough
Your head next to my shoulder
And my head leaning on the door

I had butterflies in my stomach
And by the way your eyes moved
I could tell
you had - caught them too
we talked in - subdued voices
Of things that we wanted to prove
To our fathers and our mothers
And our neighbors and the jews

Through some sort of godly slight of hand
Snow had froze us in a van
Tumbling blindly down the runoff
Of mount Mkinly
Our friends rested deeply
Inside their fragile skin
But by the way we loved each other then
I felt like we were kin

So we took that new machete
I had bought at the army store
Took Davies’s rusty switchblade
Out of his backpack on the floor
And scratched an inside joke
No one would ever get
Onto the black and silver metal
Our fingers held it like they were a fishing net
I started critting this but apparently I need to be somewhere else right now, so I'll be back.