I have a friend who wants to trade me His Gibson LP Voodoo for my JCM800 head, I have a Mesa Triple but love the sound of the jcm for some of my songs What should I do?
dont do it!! gibsons are so overrated
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if you don't use the JCM at all and really love the gibson sound and none of your guitars has the tone of it then you may do it but keep the JCM
if it was an lp standard or custom then maybe, but not a voodoo. Its closer to a Les Paul Studio, which while its not a bad guitar, its definitely not worth a jcm 800
Im not a big LP fan either I've owned 2 but Its a pretty guitar, I use all my amps (even my old crate gx-130C solid state), each has its own sound just like all my guitars has its unique sound and tuning. but Im bad at making decisions so I figure UG would help