I've been playing on and off for the past couple of years but have never really progressed all that much. I have an acoustic and electric guitar. I know the open chords and some barre chords but am having trouble with switching chords. I have been playing around with many different techniques, everything from hammer ons and pull offs, palm muting, alternate picking, strumming, pick tapping, etc. I really would like to play Modern rock and metal(Metallica, nickelback, disturbed) But also stuff like jack johnson. Mostly the rock/metal though. I guess my questions are, Should I stop trying to learn songs and concentrate on exercises? Does a metal guitarist start out playing chords and strumming? Any idea why I am having trouble switching chords? Is there a trick to it? Also with the barre chords I am having trouble getting the "Barre" to hit all the notes. It seems there is always one or two that misses and doesn't ring clearly. Also I seem to be really hugging the guitar for leverage and relying less on my fretting had to squeeze the neck which I think may not be the right thing to do. I have no money for lessons but really want to excel. Would a half hour lesson here and there help? Some of the songs I have been trying to play are...Call of the Ktulu/Metallica, Seek and Destroy/Metallica, Banana pancakes/Jack johnson, and be like that/ three doors down.

Thank you for any advice you can give,
Hey Jason,
im quite an amature guitarist,
but i think i could help.
The problem with your chords is probably the strength of your fingers, because im 14 and my hands are quite small but i have no problems with bar chords. you just have to play loads and get used to it. I never really did techniques, i went more onto playing songs and like figuring out ways to play different parts. Songs like Do you Remember by Jack Johnson are good because you need alot of muscle endurance in your left hand to keep the bar chords and alternate on single notes.
Hope i helped,
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Theres no secret to anything you mentioned, you just need to practice and practice right. I'll start you off with the chord changes, follow this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXXFzXT-pQQ This guy has a lot of videos to help out beginners.

I follow this guys lessons and I really like them, I'm a new guitarist as well (just started about a weekish ago)

You can follow his entire beginners course at www.justinguitar.com, his 1 minute changes are a real confidence booster. Make sure you record them like he says in some of his 1 minute change videos. When you see day after day your improving by 10-20 a minute it's a real confidence booster to keep you practicing.
Thanks a lot for the link to justinguitar.com. I think this site will really help me :-) That A chord might take some effort for me to get as I use his fingering and I have to really push hard with my index finger to get it to ring. I'm sure I'll get it though.
Thanks again everyone!!!!!!!