Hey all,

I wrote the music for this song about 4 years ago and every once in awhile I get the urge to record vocals for it. Problem is, I'm not much of a singer. This is my latest attempt.

Please have a listen. I am really bad judge of my own singing. I know it is not a pretty sight (or sound), but I honestly have a hard time knowing if I'm even on key.

You can find the song on my profile page here: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/old_blind_ears/

It's called "These Blind Ears" and is the first song listed.

I'll return any crits.
Hey dude.
The opening progression is really nice. THe drums sound awesome. I like the tremolo as well.
-So far, so good! I really like the high lead guitar/piano sounding bit
-The vocals arn't bad. But I wouldnt expect them on this song. Your vocal tone reminds me of something industrial or harder. Like marilyn manson or some NIN type stuff.
-Only complaint is that its a little repetitive. Not much variance. Nice groove though, and an enjoyable listen.

crit mine?: