I already have:
Behringer Tu300 Tuner
Dunlop Crybaby

A chorus
A delay

An eq pedal
A flanger
A tremolo

any ideas?

I'm thinking of a Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble, and a Line 6 Echo Park for the essential pedals...
i woudl try to get a mij ce-2 chorus instead if you can, but the echo park is not bad
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I would advise against Boss pedals. They sound digital. Try an EHX Small Clone or maybe a Modtone Agua Chorus. As for delay, I've heard good things about the Line 6 but it is digital. I have an MXR Carbon Copy and it sounds amazing. I'd look into it if I were you.
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Boss makes great stuff, just stay away from any of there overdrive/distortion pedal. I have a DD-7 and I love it.
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H20 chorus/echo. Use mine all the time.
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For Delay I'd go with Boss - I've played on a few and they're rather nice.
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The only pedals that I like from boss are the chorus and flanger. I can nail the nothing else matters tone with my chorus. The flanger is cool but it does sound a bit digital. Stay away from the delay unless you want to get ripped off by having 40 seconds of delay time.
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Analogman Chorus. Get saving! =P

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H20 chorus/echo. Use mine all the time.

This is an alright alternative, but the AnalogMan can't be beaten.

I'm saving for one myself, at the moment.

I'm speaking as a former H2O v2 owner, FYI.
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