An Original Gibson Les Paul Signature guitar, only 1463 made, very rare guitar and beautiful sounding

I was born in 1973, and discontinued entirely in 1978.... I am 16" wide, thin body, bass-side cutaway similar to an ES-335, Treble sid e cutaway more pionted like a les paul standard (solidbody), 2 oblong Low impedance humbucking pickups with white covers, 4 knobs (volume, tone, phase, and impedance switch), 3 way selector on upper bass bout, two jacks (high impedance on top, Low on side), Large rectangle tune-o-matic bridge w/ stop tail, bound rosewood fretboard, trapezoid inlays, and usually (in this case) a gold top finish with walnut back and sides. Sometimes brethren of mine came in sunburst. Truly one of the best gibsons of the seventies!(taken from Myspace)

Mine is a 74 goldtop model, in good shape, an unknown modification in one of the outputs, they just put a volume knob instead an output jack

Ask $2700 plus shipping..
Paypal accepted

I trade it for a PA system about 15 years ago.. very nice guitar but I need some gear for my recording studio.. trades possible by the way

Lynx Aurora 16
Apogee Rosetta 800-192k
Apogee AD-16X
API 2500
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X-S
Kush Audio UBK Fatso
Purple Audio MC77 Pair

Very nice day everybody
Holy ****ing **** thats a cool guitar.
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JCM600 (Yes a 600..)