So I thought it was time for me to buy a new guitar.
This is my second electric and I'm already in love with it.

I got a Paul Reed Smith SE Soapbar II today and it's awesome

Anyways... I know you're just here for pics so I'll upload them now for you.
(sorry for **** quality, my camera sucks)

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Nobody ever gets it in blue

Almost all PRS guitars look the best in blue but I really like the color on that one
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Thanks, all

Now I'm going to get my ass off of UG and play a little more with it, as I only got it a few hours ago
It's still a sexy guitar no matter what colour

I was very close to buying one myself!
i've got a PRS SE Standard that i'm modding.. i put in chrome pickup covers so it would look like the USA PRS Standard satin! yeah!
anyway.. HNGD! CONGRATS!

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Its noice apart from the pickup covers.
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I love the shape of PRS's.
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Not bad, hngd!
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HNGD! I'm slowly starting to get into PRS's. That one looks pretty good.
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Doesn't such a nice Guitar warrant decent pics. I'd be ashamed to put pictures that bad of my guitar up.
Lovely guitar, I just don't like those style pickups the soapbar, I never have, even on Les Pauls. Apart from that, very nice purchase!
DAmnnnn, I've got about 8 tabs open on my browser and they are all NGD's hahaha. Seems everybody did some shopping over the weekend.

HNGD bro.
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DAmnnnn, I've got about 8 tabs open on my browser and they are all NGD's hahaha. Seems everybody did some shopping over the weekend.

HNGD bro.

same here haha

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