sorry, didn't really know where this would fit. my friends asked me to create a soundtrack for a computer game they're making. i'm completely ready with guitar and bass but drums i have a problem with. i only play guitar and bass (hence i posted on UG) and only have a little knowledge of drums but i have no drum set. is there any free software that would allow me to create the drums part of the track? im not looking for techno beats here, im looking to emulate real drums used for rock, metal and the like. any suggestions? any help on the matter would be highly appreciated. thanks guys!
its pretty hard ot emulate 'real' drums.
When I practise sometimes I get a song with a cool drum beat. I'll grab the drum beat and loop that to play over. You could grab a snippet of the drums from a song and put that into your mix.
There are a lot of songs that start or end on just the drums, or even have a drum solo that would sound cool behind whetever you're doing.