Hey, Does anyone know the tuning for the song "Opening of the Gate" by Morbid Angel. It's on the Gateways to Annihilation Album. There's a Power Tab for it and it says its in Standard tuning, but I thought they used 7 strings. Thanks.
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yeah they did use a 7 string b and tuning drop D maybe?
i'm not sure but just play around with the tuning lol..check the other versions for the song
mmmkay...thanks anyway. I'll probably learn it in standard even if its in a different tuning. Just wondering for recording purposes.
No Emotion...Death Is All I Need
just try B Standard.

they dont use 7 strings on all songs; older and middle material were tuning like Eb/D# Standard [Maze of Torment] and D Standard as far as I know.

Only the newest stuff is 7 String material I believe
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