So im in the market for a chorus pedal .

So far from the demo ive heard i like the Electro harmonix small clone cost around (90-100 canadian tx included ) . but i heard of reliability issue on HArmony central

i also check a Goudie FX (boutique pedal mad ein canada ) Chorus pedal for 120 $ ( cost 175 $ on their website ) which is said to be a improved clone of the small clone .


which one you think i should get ???

heres the spec of the Goudiefx .
Product Features:
True Bypass Switching
2.1 mm DC jack (Boss Style, 9V DC wired pin negative) with battery backup operation
5mm Bright Blue LED Indication
MN3007 IC
1% Metal Film Resistors
High Quality Metallized Film Capacitors
PCB Securely Mounted with PEM Standoffs
Custom Built 2.9" x 4.7" enclosure with a high gloss powdercoat finish
Two Year Warranty!!

thanks for any help . any other suggestion are greatly appreciate . but i will not go over 120 for a chorus pedal . thats not aan effect ill use as most as distortion /overdrive .

thank you .
well considering the goudie is supposed to be a better small clone, and is in your price range still, I'd get it over the Electroharmonix. Plus it has that two year warranty
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Your options are pretty limited with $120.
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Quote by bubb_tubbs
Your options are pretty limited with $120.

well its just that i wont use it that much .. id rather spend 100-120 on a chorus and get a MI audio crunch box distortion for 110 $ instead of 230 $ for a chorus pedal .

im slowly building my pedal board . ill need chorus , reverb , delay .. but not higher end boutique 300-400 $ effects .

if i can spend 100 $ -120 ( used or new ) on each would be perfect . preferably true bypass .