Sometimes when I go to play a GP file in Guitar Pro 5, it comes up with

"Violation d'accés á l'adresse 0065FAFB dans le module 'GP5.exe. Lecture de l'adresse 000000.14"

Anyone, help please?

Access violation at address in module 0065FAFB 'GP5.exe. Reading address 000000.14 "

Still, no idea what it means.
I have a bootleg, and I don't get it at all.
Can you uninstall/reinstall it?
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It happens sometimes but its always the same files and usually only when I run a section in simple loop. Ive downloaded a few from here and they crash GP when I load em......
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Interesting... mine yells at me in German

No idea how to fix it though. I've just learned to save everything as a .gp4 instead, because then I don't get those messages.
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Alright, thanks for all the help guys.

As long as I can just restart and the French guy goes away I'm happy, I was just a little worried about what he was saying at first

Thanks again!
i bootlegged it, no problem here.
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Sometimes when I go to play a GP file in Guitar Pro 5, it comes up with

"Violation d'accés á l'adresse 0065FAFB dans le module 'GP5.exe. Lecture de l'adresse 000000.14"

Anyone, help please?

1. "accès" is with an accent the other way.
2. I get the same thing, just save the file and then close and Restart GP
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Whenever I get that message (in french) I just save file, exit program, start the program again and load the file.
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I have this problem when i try and open a specific file, it shouts at me in french, then the cursor changes permanently to an egg timer, when i click on anything it comes up with the error code in french again that you posted up. Ive tried rebooting, GP5, the pc etc but still nothing. For me its not a case of downloading a different copy of the song, because the song is my GCSE composition piece
Please help!!
Delete whatever you added to it the latest. See if that helps.. If not, I'm not sure, that works for me.
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I get the same error after play and stop the GP5 file several times. maybe is like flaphead325 said, that Guitar Pro cpu is overused, and the solution is to save, exit and open again the file.
So nobody understands this error.
Gpro 5 sucks ass If you ask me y cant they fix this crap. Happens every time I run the damn program in ASIO but my other programs have no problem with asio.
Steinberg cubase se works fine but that only proves that my drivers are installed correctly and the problem is gp5 cause it sucks. They should upgrade to 6 for free.
Fix: Start it and dont try to play the song, then save it as another GP file (down or upgrade it), then open the new file.

Works for me!

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