So which is more convenient for live use? I use a DL4 when I get to borrow it and it works as far as switching sounds and changing tempo. Is the Boss pedal as simple? I like the DL4 and might buy it, but I see a lot of guys using the Giga Delay with great effect. It's a bit cheaper so I might go with it.
i own the boss and i will vouch that, for live use, the line6 is better. I believe for studio or limited settings, the boss is great and much more precise (obviously becuase of the screen and astounding number of options). but the line 6 is flat out easier because of simplicity and the 4 button switching system as opposed to boss' single button system.

both are great delays and both are around the same price. for precision, boss is king. for ease of LIVE use, go with the line 6.
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Right...just wanted to know if I could squeeze. Oh well, I know the Line 6 is good from personal experience. Guess I'll to spend those extra dollars.