Excuse me for my ignorance, but how exactly does the ranking system for bc rich guitars work? Like the bronze, platinum, NJ, LA Series and Rave titles. Like which is high quality and which stands for lower quality. Just curious. Thanks
Not sure about LA and Rave, but otherwise you pretty much got it in order.

NJ guitars aren't made in Jersey. It actuallys stands for ... I forget the town the factory is in, but I'm going to say Nagasaki, Japan. The ones that are actually made in the states are called 'classic series', I believe. Those are usually neck-through, and most of them are transparent finishes.

As I recall, Bronze and Platinum suck all the way around - especially the Bronze. NJ and up have terrible harware and wiring, but at least the wood is pretty solid. The American ones are the only B.C. Rich guitars that I would call good.
From low to high:
LA Series
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The high end import models are the good ones. Models such as NJ Deluxe Jr. V, Mockingbird ST and Special, any of the Exotic Classics and Classics, etc. are good.

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