I'm in a band. 2 guitarists (me being one of em), a bassist, a drummer, and vocals. We started off slow like all bands (took us like 4 practices just to learn one song), and then we started to catch speed and start clicking really well, where we'd write an entire song in one practice or play a cover spot on in our 1st or 2nd try.

Nowadays, the other guitarist, singer, and drummer have all lost committment and focus. They like being in the band and stuff, but they just don't do stuff on their own time. The drummer doesn't even have cymbals for his own set and is lazy as fvck, the other guitarist learns songs that we will never cover (a lot of very very obscure stuff, ska, or like John Mayer stuff which is not our style at all), and the singer doesn't really try to write full songs out of lyrics. He was never a great lyricist, because he would write really awkward verses that sounded weird and were very cliche. The other guitarist also has like zero attention span and can't focus when I try to teach him a riff or something.

I know we can stay together, because we're all very very good friends and can at least have some fun. And obviously, there must be a way to get back to that peak we had that happened when we started clicking.

Sorry for the wall-o-text! Any suggestions as to how to get back on track? Has anyone else been in this situation?
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some one playing a diffrent genre of music on their own time is no big deal, my band play classic rockish stuff, but i play blues and funk music on my own time to.
i left my old band because they couldn't commit, you can't really force anyone to do something hell i even play guitar on my own time instead of drums my mates didn't care when they were serious (because i wrote half of the songs)
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