Wow, Brandenburg? I went to school up there for two weeks in like seventh grade. Stuart Pepper Middle School or something.

Listened to your all's songs, you all definitely got something going on. If you guys wanna jam in the 606, or got a show you want us to come out west and play, just let us know. I'm going to add you on my band's account.

We have a new song up, it would much appreciate if everyone would go check it out.
Of all the extreme metal bands to emerge in the wake of Job For a Cowboy and Suicide Silence, Knoxville, Tennessee's Whitechapel seems the most likely to survive the eventual death of deathcore. Unlike many of their MySpace peers, Whitechapel's knowledge of metal didn't begin with the arrival of Korn and peak with the onset of metalcore. These guys are well-versed in death metal and well studied in the songcraft of Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Dying Fetus, as well as the more angular and futuristic metalworks of Meshuggah and Fear Factory.

And unlike most groups, which rely on a rigid two guitar assault, Whitechapel have three axemen to carry out their orders of annihilation, providing more of a layered point-counterpoint dynamic to their songs. We recently hooked up with guitarist Alex Wade during some well-deserved time off the road and asked him about the history of the band, the popularity of deathcore, the influence of Jack the Ripper and other serial killers and how Whitechapel often get mistaken for Christian metal. Wade also told us about the creation of their latest album This Is Exile, plans for its follow-up and what awaits on the road in 2009.
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Definitely alot better than 95% of shitty local metal bands. Keep it up.
Thanks a lot man. Since i made this thread we've come to realize how stupid labeling ourselves as deathcore really is. We see it all as just metal now and are just going to write what we want to write. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.
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