So, im new at owning guitar pedals and i just bought a wah pedal (weeping demon) and i plan on buying 2 or 3 more pedals...

My question is how do you supply power for all of them without having a actual pedal board, is there a 5 way connector or something? or should i just buy a pedal board?

and if u could please tell me what u recommend that would be awesome.

Quote by nightraven
if you're using a couple of 9v pedals that don't consume that much power you can get a little 9v adaptor and a cheap daisy chain to power them all.
if you plan on getting more pedals and some of different voltages you can invest into a power brick of some sort like the voodoo labs/t-rex/dunlop/modtone things, which have isolated power supplies.

I'm using a daisy chain with a fairly cheap 9V adaptor to power a delay and two overdrives, and it's working fine. I already had the adaptor, and the daisy chain cost £3.50.

If you plan on getting more pedals, the BBE Supa-Charger is probably the most affordable power supply with isolated grounds, and can be had new on ebay sometimes for about $100... sometimes. If you want that and Sag outs, the Voodoo Lab PP2 or Modtone Power Plant will do it.
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ok, so i looked up a daisy chain but i didnt find anything, is there an actual name for it or where can i get one?