If someone could help me find a cool song like smile in your sleep, with a lot of tapping and fun riffs i would deeply appreciate it
I'm not into this style of music, but Funeral For A Friend - Roses For The Dead has a quite interesting intro :P
hehe, silverstein ****ing rule.

If you could see into my souls fun. try that.
ugh, i lay thee down as a nice tapping part in it.
thunderstruck - ac dc
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thunderstruck - ac dc

It's not tapped that's called hammer ons and pull offs but even then it's actually picked, the music video he doesn't though.

Anyways good song for tapping, ANYTHING that involves eddie van halen *cough* eruption *cough* umm some kirk hammet solos, randy rhoads sometimes... lots of artists tap can't think of any right now though.