called Shroud of Luminosity

This project has various genre elements in several metal subgenres such as Technical Death Metal to Mathcore, Thrash and Groove Metal. There are some Jazz, Classical and Flamenco elements and electronica. All downloads are free at this time. Your listening is much appreciated. Thanks
Nice job dude. Espec. considering you did all of it yourself w/ limited funding. don' remember what avant-garde means but the music is pretty awesome
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p.s.- im from tucson, nice to know that we still gots some good metal to listen to in the az
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Hm, I'll listen to it again when I've got accses to better speakers and not just the built-in laptop ones but from what I heard I think it did sound interesting, however, the rythm seems.. a bit off? Might just be me, and yet I'm kind of used to odd rythms and stuff like that.