Hooray! it was my birthday 2 weeks ago

And with the increase in moneyz i have the urge to buy a new guitar and have always fantasized over a Telecaster.

I don't have vast amounts to spend (about £500) and have narrowed down my choices to a Highway 1 and a Baja. They both seem excellent choices but i can't decide between them. So UG, could you please tell me the pro's and con's of each guitar and the differences between them + value for money.

I'd be mainly playing Classic Rock and Alternative.

Belated HBday!!!

You have to audition both since they're pretty solid as is. I was considering the Baja when it went for a silly price as MusiciansFriend's Deal of the Day because I liked it a lot. However, I stuck with the Highway 1. Can't lose with either; so, good luck!

The finish on highway ones die faster b/c it's supposed to look like it's road worn quicker. I've never heard of the Baja, so you'll have to get someone else's opinion on it. Main thing is you need to play both before you buy anything, so's you don't endup with buyer's remorse. I'm more of a Strat guy, but with Fender, the diff. series have pretty much the same +/-. But seriously, the finish on the highway one dies, other than that, you just need to test them both to make a decision based on what YOU like. Please do so
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Cheers for feedback

I plan to play both guitars, I just wanted some information beforehand.

EDIT: Just remembered I will be going to Denmark Street soon and might see some 1952 Reissues used for £500, would it be worth looking at them over the baja and the highway 1?
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Quote by Zakkcd
The finish on highway ones die faster b/c it's supposed to look like it's road worn quicker. ...
The H1 has a Nitrocellulose finish, much thinner than the regular clearcoats of the non Custom Shop Fenders; so, it wears away/relics faster since the finish is "thinner".

If you buy the H1, make sure to wrap the spot where the neck rests or hangs with cotton fabric so the finish won't absorb the color of the "rubberized" material.