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Hello and Happy Holidays to All, Well I received my silverburst a few weeks ago and was happy to have only paid $1104 through MF brand new! (some sort of promotion they were offering) well it showed up and after opening the box I was in love! she looked, played, and sounded beautiful. I played her for a while and when I went to wipe her down I saw a minor sanding inperfection on the front near the bridge (looks like a scratch almost the size of a human hair, about a inch and a half long under the finish) and it's very hard to see, but it's there! I called MF and asked what the procedures were to exchange it and found out that I would be without my new love for at least a week or more (DRAG) so I thought about it for a while and decided that I could live with the almost unnoticeble defect, being that I had already saved $194 on the purchace price, so just for grins and giggles I decided to call MF and ask if they were willing to offer a appearance allowance of some sort (I was thinking maybe a small in-store credit of $25-$50) well after emailing a couple pictures of the defect to there customer service department, they not only offered me $25 in store credit just for my trouble, but also asked what I would except to keep the guitar, in a sarcastic but joking manner I said give me $250 back on the original purchace price (thinking to myself NO-WAY will they do that) well after putting me on hold for about ten minuts, the rep comes back on and agreed to it! I could'nt believe my ears and I jumped on it!! when it was all said and done I paid $854 for my beautiful new silverburst!!! and still have my original gibson warranty, and a $25 store credit. I feel like I won the lottery, could'nt be happier.
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Very Nice guitar! I was just in Guitar Center today and played that same guitar, i thought it played very nice. I didn't know it had coil tap though. Nice buy!

I love the finish, i have an Epiphone LP with the same finish which is great but the Studio is much nicer, of course.

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doesnt the minus the bear guy use that guitar for standard tunned stuff
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