EDIT: Alright, Thanks a lot everyone. I kind of rushed through the recording this time around, it's been a pretty nasty habit. I will make cleaner mixes in the future. I didn't realize the drums levels were so low until after everything was exported, but that'll be the first thing I change up. Thanks again for checking out my stuff!

I'm writing crits back, but I think I've gotten all the input I need, but if you guys notice anything else I will certainly appreciate it, thanks!
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It reminds me a lot of jason becker / marty friedman which is a very very good thing. The drums may be a tad too quiet. Some of the riffs were generic but there was plenty of other sutff thrown in so overall the song itself wasn't. I felt it flowed well and sounded pretty tight.. I really enjoyed it.
The begining leads remind me of Cacophony, other parts remind me a bit of 90s Slayer, but better executed.

The riff that starts around 1:10 I liked alot. I'd recommend making the snare drum a little louder in the mix. Overall, I like it.


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this is some old school metal, man.
riffwise, there are some good riffs, but some are overused and a bit sloppy, but when the dual scales come in, it sounds pretty good, but i would definitely add some variation to the rhythym in the background,
soundwise, i would pan the guitars more and crank dem drums up nahmean
i think everyone in this forum knows who you are tho, haha,

Thanks for the crit.

Hmm, well metalcore isn't really my scene, but the riffs were good. I like the ideas for the leads and rhythms, but it's all a little sloppy. And it got kinda boring after a while. It needs a re mix, too. Put the lead guitar up, so it's at the same level or higher than the rhythm, and bring the drums up too. So if you added some riffs, tightened it up, and mixed it better this would be a good song.
i listened to both mirage and introspective. Mirage had some really nice riffs and solos however it was kind of sloppy and you def need to remix as the drums were way too low and it seemed the same kinda beat the whole song. Introspective id say mix wise was a bit better but you had alot of guitars going on at once and if you havent you should try panning them out as it gives more stuff to breath. also im assuming those were real drums and they were pretty nice sounding however im just curious why the drummer changed snare hit styles (went from standard hit to rim shot to side shot, not sure of the names but you know what i mean) anyways i like both songs but they need a little but of clean up but they have good potential.
heres my link sorry my song is so long but i like long songs
What I look for in metal..is that something that other types of music doesn't have.. That certain energy, the stuff that makes you wanna get up an PUNCH someone in the face. I didn't get a whole lot of that from Mirage. To begin with, your sweep picking, Isn't bad, but you NEED to tighten it up. Keep practicing what you're practicing cause you're on the right track. I just listened to it for the second time..I dont wanna get into your whole sound IE drums need to be turned up and prolly less treble on your tone. So i'll just let that be, but man, You need to get that metal groove goin... When i know that i've made something that i can work with, I start going NUTZ. It aint metal if you can't head bang to it.. So keep pickin at it man, you'll get it!