ya i ordered the dean mustaine vmntx united abomination...i wanted to kno if anyone had any reviews for it...i have already searched and only found 1......and also what type of pickups...im a metal player ofc....i was thinking on the emg 81 85s i like passive not active
Your ordered it knowing nothing about it? That doesn't make sense. And EMG 81s and 85s ARE active.
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you want to change pickups on a guitar you haven't gotten yet? not a wise move imo play with the stock pickups and they may be your thing. and like stated emg 81/85 are both actives.
The specs have that this does already have passives, but they seem like crap. Play first, change after if preferred. If you knew you wanted different pickups, you should have saved 1000$ and just gotten a VMNT. Low-end Deans leave much to be desired. You may get lucky, but you should be embarassed for ordering a guitar online.
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