One of my projects that I never finished.

Well I was 'spring cleaning' my computer and thought I would publish this up to UG.

Check it out, let me know what you think. No drums:

And for those who hate my voice or want to hear the guitars / percussions:

C4C... lemme know what you think...

rock on guys
i like it but the vocals are good not amazing but since your not corey taylor yeah its good and the guitars like spot on
Is it just me, or do you sing ALOT like Serj Tankian?
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Dude, that was just pure win, i laughed the entire way

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One of these days I'll get around to formal voice lessons. I've been messing around with singing for about a year now trying to learn it on my own. I'm still trying to find my "niche" where my voice fits best, I had great success with lower end songs like "Civil war" seem to be easier for me than things like "Blind faith"

Ive tried sitting down, sitting on the edge of the seat, standing up, standing on my toes, etc. I'm not sure what else to do other than practice and repetition.