I have had a Burswood acoustic guitar for about 3 years now and the strings are 1 inch abouve the fret board and i dont know how to fix it. I have tried adjusting the truss rod and different strings what else can i do?
If tightening the truss didn't work, I hate to say it, but I think your neck is pretty much shot (unless you went in the wrong direction or just didn't tighten it enough).
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Are you talking about lowering the action? You don't need to (and shouldn't) adjust the truss rod for that. All you have to do is adjust the saddle (that white strip of bone or plastic next to the pins on the bridge).

Basically what you do is remove the strings, file down the bridge very slightly (I think 1-2mm, if that), re-string, repeat as necessary. Don't take off too much at one time, though, you don't want to lower it too much.

Some of the other guys on here can explain this better than I can; I've never actually had a problem with my guitars' action, so I've never had to do this.

Unless the guitar is set up for slide playing (or is a dobro), I'm not sure if the action at the saddle can even GET that high. One inch is a ton.
Hello, I think I have the same problem. At the nut, my string action seems ok, but as I move down towards the bridge/saddle, the string action gets way too high. So, is the ideal way to lower the action just to sand the saddle down?

What could possibly cause the saddle to somehow grow taller and mess up the string action?
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The top and shoulders will often essentially collapse, allowing the neck angle change.

Sorry, but what exactly are the "top and shoulders"?
My grandfather saw this "burswood" on an infommercial, pretty much its that piece of crap guitar that Esteban was peddling for a while. I played it a couple of times and I can tell you that the action on the damn thing is just about a half inch off the fret board straight out of the box. Now, for a 100 dollar guitar, it does have a good full sound but other than that, like mr.collins was saying, its firewood. The best bet to do if you want the action lowered is to fork up the cash, cause i know you got some left over after buying that thing, and take it in to your local guitar shop and let them have their way with it. Shoot, I saw these damn guitars being sold for 25 bucks brand new on ebay with free shipping, so that should say a little something about the quality of these darn things.
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