does anyone know of any sites with irish traditional tabs? i cant find any, UG has some christy moore the pogues etc but not much else?
^A thin lizzy cover- theyre not exactly traditional irish music, even if they are irish and awesome.

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haha no i love lizzy and metallica but im looking for traditional stuff, christy moore etc
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there is a great website, search Irish lyrics and guitar chords and the website is by martin dardis feckin geat
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some cool tunes on there

also some of these are irish

if you know how to read ABC or standard notation, head over to www.thesession.org and learn all the popular tunes

Cheers for that I'll have a look through that.

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Wellllll theres always Wiskey in the Jar by Metallica (YES I KNOW ITS A COVER)

Gotta love metalheads
Van Morrison did an album called "Irish Heartbeat" with traditional Irish band The Chieftains. The entire album is a collection of traditional tunes, with the exception of one (the title track). The entire album is also worked out on UG:


This is a great album btw, do yourself a favor and pick it up if you love Irish music.