I went to sleep and I couldn't playing the solo for Six by All that Remains, I woke up today and I can

Care to share moments where you KNEW you'd got better at playing?
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Like today. I realized I could finally trem-pick chords, without sounding like crap.

I still suck at playing solos though.

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cool blog brah.


no, i haven't really got any. but that solo sounds pretty good
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When I saw a kid tapping in guitar class and thought, "hmm, that does'nt look too hard," and I went home that same day and started tapping decently on the first try.
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Brilliant observation.

Sleeping on something usually does the trick.

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@ title of thread

"that's what SHE said !"
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My band has had a year long break, we had our first rehearsal in a long time last week, it was a little bit all over the place at first but we picked it up after about an hour or so, and i went crazy during one of the solos, i done things on there which i didn't do a year ago, it makes it sound alot better.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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@ title of thread

"that's what SHE said !"

wouldn't that be "YOU'RE alot better than you were last night?"

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Please daddy, just for one hour.
Once I realized I had become better when I could nail the intro solo to One by Metallica.
when i saw my drummers other band play, i realized im quite good at guitar and have a good sense of tone
I get the opposite effect.

One day I was able to play the full song of Hog Bitch Stomp by Buckethead. The next day it sounded sloppy and I can't play the full song anymore.

not with guitar but on piano I'm starting to use both hands to do something different it was really hard to do before but they blend together quite nicely now
whenever I meet a goal i set before.
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Viscara (my band)
when I realised I could play Iron maiden.. and do metal solos.
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