well i have this new-old Ampeg SS-140C...and it was loud as ****, easily drown out any exterior noises at a 'bedroom level'

anyways, last night i was playing with a drummer, and afterwards it started getting all quiet...the tone is still nearly the same, but i have to turn it up to hear it, shouldnt have to do that on a 140 watt amp...

also, i threw my semi-broken boss me-50 in the effects loop, and it gave me some horrid uncurable feedback for a second (i think the boss is ****ed, got spilled on)

life will move on about my boss, maybe its time to get a real compressor and noise gate? however, i need that Ampeg working!

any help? could it be a fuse? maybe a transformer?
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could be ANYTHING. or it could be a dirty pot. try faderlube in the pots.
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I found a post in the HC reviews that says the soldering technique they used on those amps makes it prone to cold solder joints..

if SS amps work in a similar way to tubes, check for bad solder joints on the transistors in the power amp section?

.. ..just a guess