me and ada stand outside the riviera theatre trying to decipher whether we're wet from sweat or the rain while attempting to get tickets to some sold out musical her brother is in, he's just an extra in a few scenes but apparently he's extra important to her.
there's a bouncer of some sort guarding the front door wearing bunny ears and a 'secretary' shirt who never blinks and doesn't take to bargaining. there's a line of starving actors who came just to get a chance to talk to the director. there's a man selling ice cream out of a styrofoam cooler and i can't take my eyes off of him, his galoshes and his umbrella that he holds over a playboy never was.
me and ada sit right in front of the window display of a clothing store that borders the theater and there's a mannequin that we saw last week over conscious of its plastic parts waving at passerby's. ada planned ahead and even wore the same damn outfit as the mannequin, a candy cane dress and a peace sign as a necklace, but no one notices this as she poses right in front of it.
ada, a plastic porcelain replica of a girl i am trying so hard to love, the more she shakes and shivers in the rain, the easier it becomes.
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"his galoshes and his umbrella that he holds over a playboy never was. "

I feel maybe there's a word missing here or something, just didn't seem to make that much sense. But God, I loved this. It is so good to see you posting again, I missed your writing a lot.
interesting. is this more prose? not that it matters. just wondering

i feel like this is like a dog chasing cars. i realize that this is about you and ada. but the mid paragraph seems to veer off topic and thats why i say it's like your chasing cars. it goes off topic on the second paragraph. unless i'm wrong i dont see the connection. it's great alone but i feel like there's nothing tieing it to the rest of the piece. other then that i found it very good.
It's not stalking to watch her sleep if she fell asleep watching a movie.
a silly wind
(='.'=) LoNg LivE tHe BunNy!