Once I get my Spector fixed, I'll be saving up for a new rig. I would be using it for small/medium sized gigs and band practice. I have a Renault Megane at hand, so transport isn't really a problem. I've been particularly interested in Eden lately, more specifically the Nemesis EN400 and matching 4x10 cab. Anyone have any opinions on this specific combination? Would it suit metal/rock/reggae? How versatile are they? Would it suit the natural tone of my Spector? I've heard a while ago on UG that they're used a lot by doom/black metal bands, as they can produce a really strong low end rumble that suits the genre, anyone have any confirmation on this?

There is an EN400 at my local with a 2x10 cab, that I'm thinking about checking out. But before I do, I'd some reviews on the head and Eden in general really. Thanks for all he people who reply!
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I shall, but I won't be able to try it for a while. I just want to know some people's opinions on the amp/brand, so I can tell if I'm wasting my time or not.
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i like eden a lot. my only problem with the nemisis cabs are that i found a cab for 50 bucks more that is better. im sure the head is good, so if you want just get that then shop around for a cab
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I used to use a Nemesis cab and liked it a lot - however the undefeatable and always 100% volume tweeter bugs me.
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I have a Nemesis 1x15" combo which I got brand new on the cheap. The sound is great, I've gigged it and for only 200 watts, it's pretty loud. That 4x10" would sound great for gigs.

As for versatility I'd say it's great. I've played most styles through it and it handles them all well, with maybe a little tweaking on the equalizer. It's pretty punchy in general, which I like.

It's definately one of the solidest built amps I've used.
Thanks for all your replies everyone!
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I have the Nemesis 2x12, love the ting. My band is always gigging and this thing hasn't let me down once. 320 watts of raw power haha. It is very versatile, you also have the ability to plug another cab into it if you wanted. All in all I'd say the Nemesis brand is very good esspecially for the money. Best you can do though is to try them out yourself.
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I've taken all your advice into account, and I'll go try it out ASAP. Thanks everyone!
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