Maryland Deathfest The Movie

(May 16th, London, Ontario) Maryland Deathfest the Movie set to start production on May 21st.

It’s a simple concept really. Line up fifty or more of the world’s heaviest and most brutal metal bands, rent a venue, build an outdoor stage, get some vendors, a few sponsors, a little press and lots of word of mouth. Charge a few bucks for tickets, hand out some flyers and sit back and enjoy the ride. That’s how Maryland Death Fest was born. Two supreme metal heads named Ryan and Evan who were positive that if they built it, the metal heads would come. And boy, were they right. Seven years, hundreds of bands, and thousands of international fans later, and Maryland Death Fest has become North America’s biggest underground metal party.

For fans of extreme metal, Maryland Death Fest – MDF to those is the know – has become the Burning Man, the Woodstock, the Lollapalooza of underground metal. For the metal industry, MDF has become the preeminent spot to check out the next big thing and rub elbows with the stars of the extreme metal world, and for the city of Baltimore, the fest has become an unexpected, annual infusion of tourist dollars. Maryland Death Fest is not just another bunch of stoners making loud noises and drinking beer – it’s a serious gathering of elite and die-hard fans who cross the globe to proclaim and declare that metal is not just a type of music, it’s a way of life.

It has to be made perfectly clear that ‘Maryland Death Fest: The Movie,’ is not going to be a mere ‘live,’ or ‘concert’ DVD. This film will document not only the festival, but the spirit, ethos and attitude of extreme metal music and its fans. We’ll get to know Baltimore as the charismatic city it is; be exposed to the behind-the-scenes blood, sweat and tears that lead up to the opening of the festival. Greet bands arriving from around the world at the airport. Hang out in the parking lots, alleyways and grottos where metal heads converge to swap mosh-pit war stories, lick their wounds, and bond over beer-bongs and bud. The bands and music, as important as they are, will almost play a secondary role to the people who make Death Fest the success is it, year after year. The merchants, the cab drivers, the roadies, the fans, the managers, the volunteer staff, the techies, security, the media, and the onlookers. The winners and the losers. The lost souls who show up to pay tribute to some of the most real music being made today. With cameras rolling 24/7, ‘Maryland Death Fest: The Movie,’ will attempt to capture the madness, mayhem and supreme aural brutality that brings fans back to Baltimore again and again. This movie is going to destroy. And that’s a good thing.

Handshake Inc and Maryland Deathfest present a film by David Hall
Maryland Deathfest The Movie
Executive Producers: Ryan Taylor and Evan Harting
Produced by Curran Reynolds, Dave Cardoso and David Hall
Director of Photography: Dave Cardoso, Costumes by Nekro
Written and Directed by David Hall