First thread started here. (woot)

Aight, I've been playing for a little over a year.
Using a Schecter C1 Classic (sea green)

It's plugged directly into the computer through a 1 dollar converter thing I found at the dollar store.

Using pedal to get distortion, because I couldn't get guitar rig to work.

Couple of mess ups, most of which being because I couldn't hear what I was playing (Had iPod on.) Although one was because my dog ran into the door.

Go ahead, tell me how much I suck, I'm ready for you! =p

Yea, it's an easy song.

I'm actually not sure if it was tuned correctly (song is in drop D) because I tuned it down without an amp, sounded right to me though.

So, here you go.
Tell me what I'm doing wrong ;p