So maybe this is a noob question but which would be the best compound radius for an OFR? I was thinking that 10" (According to warmoth) but what would be the advantages or disavantages of putting another radius like 12" or so?
Hope isn't a bother to answer such a noob question
EDIT: sorry I mispelled compound
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I think you can use any radius you want if you have shims to put under the saddles
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Yeah, you can change the radius of the bridge by shimming the outer saddles to flatten it out.
Flatter radiuses are generally used on shred guitars because you can get low, even action and with a flat radius, notes are less likely to choke out with big bends.

A compound radius is when the fretboard is radiused differently along its length, for example 12" at the nut, flattening out to say 16" at the last fret.