Hey guys, I'm just seeing if there's any interest in this. It's a used Palomino V32 with 4 JJ EL84's in the power amp, and 3 12AX7's in the preamp. I have 2 Tung Sol's (low noise and microphonics) and one JJ high gain in the preamp. I replaced the original speaker with a WGS Veteran 30. This thing sounds great. Sparkly cleans, smooth OD. Like I said, I'm only seeing if there's any interest... I might like it too much to sell. But I'm hoping to upgrade to a Traynor YCV50 Blue, so if there IS interest, then I'll think about it. No pictures right now. If you really want them, I can take some. It's in great condition.

Asking price is $450 shipped. Price is semi-negotiable. Let me know.
meh, sorry buddy, I need the money. I just got a new amp and have to pay my father back.
depending on how long you have this i may be interested (aka 2 weeks ish) + free bump for a hot amp
Make me an offer boys, it's a beautiful amp. It just needs to go so I can pay off my Traynor.
I guess I'll put it up on Ebay soon.