I was wondering if there is a way to take the preamp section of my fender deluxe reverb, or my bugera 333xl to fit into a rack mount

is it possible? is there a way to do it myself? or should i forget it?

help please
It's possible, but not practical at all.

There's no point, that's what slaving the preamp into another power amp is for.

If you need it in rackmount form though, and just the preamp, buy a Randall RM4, it will do both of those tones.
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i dont know much about racks, couldnt you just put the whole thing in a rackmount then just plug the send from the effects loop to your power amp?
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well i alraeady have a rack mount with a mesa v twin and a mesa 50-50 i want a clean fender preamp in it, not any other brand.....is there a way that it has been done?