I HAVE read painting a refinishing thread okay cam.

I read the one tutorial on colouring figured woods. (the proj. Guitar one)
its mentions dark (or black) stain. sand a bit, apply whatever color stain after sanding. some one please explain how this would work.

now i wanna do a honey, or more orangy, like Lumberjack's avatar.
I cannot see this working, can someone PLEASE reassure me, please. Pics would be nice. not necessary.

...and can BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil) be tinted with a dye?
You have to think of it as what it is... a stain. The first black stain will sink into the wood and create a deeper/darker color, whereas the second stain will determine the color tone.
The black penetrates to different depths in the figuring, when you sand you sand out the stain from parts of the figure when it has not penetrated very far and you uncover fresh wood straight away, but black remains in parts of the figure where it has penetrated deaper.

To do lumberjacks avatar you could maybe do an orange base, sand back and do a yellow/amber over it, you would have to test to see what looks good.

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