A fun, fast-ish song heavily informed by the recently reunited Blink 182. I was too lazy to come up with a real title, and it has no lyrics yet so I said **** it.

Hope you like it.

(Note: Drum fills are largely non-existent and in no way, shape or form final. This hasn't even gotten to my band yet...)
They're Back.zip
The intro SCREAMS Blink, which isn't bad. Nice job on the simplicity of that. The drumming actually reminds me of Tre Cool rather than Travis Barker. XD. Verses would be good with some singing, as would the chorus. You have a nice basic set-up so far [up through the first chorus]. I like the post-chorus re-using the intro riff.

The bridge also screams Blink, classic Enema of the State stuff. It would sound great live, getting the crowd involved [clapping and whatnot]. Last chorus is still good.

Not bad at all, could easily be a solid song. Nothing amazing, but it's hard to say without lyrics/vocals. Great pop-punk stuff.

Crit mine? Preferably Tired of You, in my sig.

Quote by ninja.kitty
that b in bar 66 needs to be a minor...

It doesn't NEED to be. He can do whatever he wants. It may sound a little off with that diminished fifth, but whatever. I didn't notice it when I listened.
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@ninja.kitty: I tried it as a b minor, but it stuck out like a sore thumb. The whole song is either major chords or power-chords, and only having one minor chord in the whole thing sounded very off.

@msu_man04: I wasn't really shooting to emulate a particular drummer, Just writing a very basic drum part so the song sounds complete-ish. The intro riff was my favorite part of the song, so I found any excuse I could to revisit it. It does need catchy lyrics, though.

Thank you both for the crits.