I currently own a Vox VT15.
It's OK, but still I'm having a real hard time dealing with the solid state part of the amp.

I use to have a Blues Junior, but the 15 Watts were way too loud for my small room.

What would you suggest me ?

I'm a bit lost right now. I play a little bit of blues-rock and alot of punk/rock.

I don't mind stomp boxes.
Vox VT50. Way better than the cheaper ones imo.
Or try for a mini marshall stack.
blackstar ht-5 gets my vote
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Fender Super Champ XD is a better choice for $300. It's 15 watts with a 6V6 power tube section, but you don't need to turn it up. The multiple voicing and gain plus master volume allow you to get decent tone at low volumes. No such thing as great tone at low volume on any amp. The onboard chorus, reverb, delay, tremolo, and rotating speaker eliminate the need for a bunch of pedals. Check out my profile for a sample mp3.
Price range would help.

As for 15 watts being way too loud. Well, you realize that's why they come with volume knobs right? I use a 120 watt amp in a small room. Sure, it sounds best when it's cranked, but it still sounds brilliant at low volumes. Let's be honest, even a 5 watt amp is way way too loud to run fully cranked in a bedroom. It's just not going to happen.

There really isn't much to choose from in the 5 watt range anyway. All I can think of off the top of my head is the Peavey Mini Colossal, and quite a few Mesa amps have a 5 watt switch, but I know from experience even at 5 watts they're loud enough to blow out your windows.
Wattage is more about headroom than actual volume if you ask me...

I'd go with a Vox AC4TV, Blackstar HT-5 or Hayden Mofo if you're in the UK.
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