This was recording using our light guys camera, pretty good recording. This is just use at practise, decided to record it for some reason (and no we dont always practise with the lights, just had to fix some things from the last show).

Also our drummer is new this was only his second day playing with us so dont be harsh :P Not to mention it was like nine in the morning when we did this, I was pretty much a guitar playing zombie.

This is the very first song we wrote together, it has been through so many changes and I think its finally "there." Its where I wanted it to be when I wrote it 4 months ago on a ****ty $50 guitar in a musty old basement.

Anywho, without further...what the hell.

Here it is.


Please comments? Good or bad anything would be great.

On a side note, Im the guitar player on your left with the frizzed up hair. Im not cool enough to do the meedly squeedlys dooooss like Mike is, well not in this song at least. :]

Expect some more videos in the future, we plan on recording all of our songs, (Which includes our rendition/cover of a very awesome Beatles song!)
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