From the great state of that thur North Kakalakia comes Stereo Pacific.

(Stereo Atlantic just doesnt roll of the tongue as well...so...)

The name will most likely be changing soon, with a new drummer comes a completly new era in our bands history. For the first time ever we have a STEADY BEAT! Yes folks thats right, that is what most drummers do and now we have a proper functioning drummer! Yeeehawww, yeah thats enough of the redneck talk.

Anyways, lets get it rolling. Just trying to do some promotion and I figured what better place than good ol' Ultimate guitar? Right, right...I am a genius.

I just want to invite you people to check out our myspace, where we have a ****ty recording of "Sightline" our first song ever (Try to ignore this recording and watch the awesome lightshow video) we have a preview of the breakdown to our heavier song "Breath like Flame" up, its about 20 seconds long and its heavy as ****

I dont want you to think we are senseless headbangers with scream scream bra braaaa breee stuff though, cause we DONT GOTS NUN OF THAT! Besides this song...that is...

I really just noticed, I ramble...like alot. I need to work on that. Just go to the myspace, please and just check us out. Maybe, if you like us somehow, add us get in touch and if you are around the Hendersonville, Ashville, Greenville (SC) area hit us up for some shows.

Thanks in advance and happy 4th!
what's up man.. saw "hicktown" and wondered if it was NC or SC hah. I'm from Raleigh. Anyway.. I'm listening now .. despite the issues of quality and the levels being off, i think it's decent. i like the clean vocals of this song wayyyy more than the screaming type in the other song. you may wanna really think about limiting how much of that you do.. the sightline song has some potential to me for that reason. if it were more like the other, i don't think i could listen to it.

anyway.. my biggest critique i guess would be your myspace page itself hah. sounds stupid, but when it's difficult to read any of the text and what not.. the youtube video posted is like impossible to see with that layout.. i'd say change that up. anyway, i'd like to hear more before i could really get a feel for the band ya know?

check my band out as well .. www.twototangoband.com

Oh yeah, screaming is kept to a minimum in our songs, Breath like Flame is our only song with a breakdown and growling.

With Sightline, like I said, just ignore the recording (probibly just going to take it off) its super old. The video was dont just this morning (err yesterday morning)

And thanks for the feedback on the myspace. I will get someone to change it (whoever made it) just need to take of that fadeout.

I like your stuff man, nice recordings! Im jealous of them YOU BASTARDS!