Hey guys. I have been playing for a year now. I'm stuck in a spot where songs are either too hard or too easy. I can't find a fun yet challenging song.
A couple songs I play pretty well are.

fcpremix by the fall of troy.
reptilia by the strokes.
welcome home by coheed.
and a bunch of riffs by avenged sevenfold.

I'm decent with chords and barre chords and such.
I have began sweeping.
I can play the intro to bleeding mascara by atyreu pretty decent.
But I don't like drop c.

I can tap okay.
I can play the intro to i just got this symphony goin' by the fall of troy.

so recommend some songs, i'm just really out of ideas, so i'm turning to you guys for guidance.
what are some songs to make the transition from beginner to intermediate?
thanks, mike.
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the solo to welcome home also?
learn some maiden, megadeth, and try some slayer even
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
Taking an Internet break for a while, will come on when I can.
yeah, the solo to welcome home.
and the solo to reptilia.
the only other solo i know besides those 2 is smells like teen spirit.

and if you could, could you recommend specific songs please?