weeks ago I uploaded my tab to the song everything expires from the kris norris project

and it doesnt appear when I search it on UG so what can I do ive been waiting weeks after uploading it
maybe there was alot of tabs for that song already or maybe some peopple just voted no to be a-holes anyway sorry dude
Yeah, geanes probably is right. My last three ful song bass tabs for Metallica songs (For Whom the Bell Tolls, Orion, and Master of Puppets) were all rejected, despite being based off of the master bass track. Spending a few hours perfecting it doesn't seem to matter to UG if there's a certain amount of tabs though (like the MoP and FWtBT tabs that are LITERALLY wrong in every sense imaginable). As if that wasn't enough, my Orion bass solo tab was uploaded, but not my full song. >_< As far as UG is concerned now, the quality doesn't matter, just as long as you get it in early. You can put the intro to FWtBT BACKWARDS AND ON THE WRONG FRETS and it'll be accepted (look it up). Sorry. =/