It'll be two years that i've been playing in August.

Here's just a quick little thing i did, mostly to test out my new camera. Feel free to look at my other videos if you want. Any criticism would be appreciated, but try to make it construcive please!


In regards to the string dampener:

It's not that I can't play with it, it's easier for me to hear on where I'm messing up on certain runs and what not. This wasn't meant to be spectacular, just a little something to put up.
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Your playing is alright, but 3 note per string hammer ons/pull offs aren't exactly difficult.

Edit: I would also refrain from calling your stuff "shred" until you can actually shred.
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ur ok i guess? =/ what was the cloth for?
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You should immediately stop practicing with the dampener. Its a crutch that you'll never have in a real life situation, you've got to learn to do those legato runs cleanly without that there.

The other thing you should probably work on is picking every note per string, I know its much harder, but fast alt picking is essential to shred. Also try doing it without repeating patterns like you were doing here, runs can get kind of boring if they are like that. I realize this was just an exercise, but its just something to consider.

Your doing well, just make sure you can do everything cleanly before cranking up the speed or you'll just end up sloppy.
Not too bad, but you've got to lose the dampener. As long as you're playing with it on you're not improving your skills of muting.

The other thing you've got to work on is getting your notes more even. I think the root of the problem is a bit of tension, and generally spending too much effort to get the notes out. You can tell because if you listen to the first 8 or so groups of triplets they are fairly even, but then you run out of steam a bit and the notes start bunching together.

Take it a bit slower and working on really getting the notes even.
Your hammer ons and pull offs sound ok, but as an additional exercise, instead of running up with hammer ons then down with pulloffs..

try to do pull offs going up, and hammerons going down

or do each string hammer on the notes, then pull off the notes, then go to the next string. Do the same pattern going back down, except in reverse order. pull off, then hammer on.

Then work on picking each note.

If all that was intended was to demonstrate exercises then i guess this was alright, but if this was supposed to me musical then I must say it wasn't great.


also, practice with the cleanest setting you can. Perfect it that way, and then when you kick on distortion your playing sound even tighter.
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1. Grab sticks.
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