Okay, my Fender SuperChamp XD amp is making alot of hum when I have a lot of gain, im just wondering how i can stop that? I was thinking a noise supressor, but on the one i was looking at in the reviews everybody was using it in an effects loop, but im just wanting to hook it from my guitar to my amp, will that work? the noise supressor was a Boss NS-2 noise supressor

any help would be great, thanks
How old is your amp?

It's a great amp imo.

Have you read thru the fender.com amp forums? Do that.

Are you sure it is not your guitar.
Are you sure it is not a cable?
Are you sure it is not a bad preamp tube?

Noise gates in the front usually block guitar noise. They work.
Noise gates in the loop usually block amp and pedal noise. They work there too.

It depends. Rule out the other stuff first. Suppressors and Gates work a bit differently too.

Does that help
Lots of gain usually adds some hum. There are plenty of other sources of hum that you should look into vs a pedal to fix it. I can run my epi vjr cranked with a high gain pedal and use a single coil guitar and it still be low noise.
Some amps are nosier than others. Tube amps are generally worst for this. You were correct in thinking a noise supressor will solve your problems.

Interference from other elecronics may also be a factor.

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i just got my amp last christmas, so its not very old.. and im close to lots of electronics in here
TVs, computer monitors, fluorescent lights, just about anything with a motor driving it(AC units, Fridge, fan etc) can add noise to an amp. Could also be in 1 of your pedals, some pedals are noisier than others. Daisy chaining power to multiple pedals can add some hum sometimes. Cheap cables can pick up noise. Could be the wiring in your house, my amps hummed real bad before I fixed the ground at the breaker box.
Now my amps are fed by a dedicated breaker so theres nothing on the circuit that can add noise. My guitars are all copper shielded and star grounded. I use high quality cables, mogami and george Ls. Some of my pedals are home built and I put extra noise filtration in their power supply inputs.