Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with this.
Whenever I get my guitar serviced, it comes back fine. However, the intonation seems to go out within a matter of days/weeks. Is there a certain way I should be maintaining it in order for it to stay well? Should I be doing this myself regularly? I suppose it's a pretty common thing with most guitars...
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what kind of guitar? (model)

Hey dude, it's an Ibanez Prestige, 2570. Sorry, I should have specified!
check your manual what kinda of service are you getting from the store ...you could probably do most of it yourself.

check the intonation adjustment bolts are tight(not overtight)

it sounds to me that whoever is servicing the guitar for you is leaving something loose and it is that, that is moving.

check the intonation every time you restring.