well I did a search just for "Karen" so this could have been done many times before under different titles. whatever.

anyways, some of you may know of an act that dane cook does (can't say I'm a fan but this one he really connected with me ) about the friend that nobody likes.
there's that one person in every group of friends that everyone just hates being around yet always seems to show up.

here's a link to the skit on youtube if you are clueless

but anyways!

In this thread, tell your own Karen stories! I have a karen and karen's continuous douchebaggery inspired me to make this thread so that all may share their little friend whom nobody likes enraging anecdotes.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
I had a 5th grade teacher who's first name was Karen.
She was a sweet lady who was very kind to me. The end.
My mom's name is Karen you jerk!!!!!

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guys, the point of this thread is not to think Dane Cook is funny (mostly cause he isn't at all)

the point of this thread is to talk about your Karens! I find it hard to believe that there isn't that one person in your group of friends whom you hate.

the only reason I can laugh with this skit is cause I understand completely what he is talking about.
...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
I love Dane Cook.
I guess that's just your guys' opinion

But I know exactly what he's talkin about here.
I have a kid in my two person group of friends who just pisses me and my other friend off yet he stills comes around
Ugh, our flat had so many 'Karens'. We managed to get rid of most of them but here are a few prime examples of guys we hated but kept turning up:

1. Short, fat guy who on first meeting him bragged about some 'custom built Halo suit' he got for $1000. How lame is that? I don't even like Halo. He also bragged about how much money he had, and then complained when he only had $2000 left in his bank account when I had $4 to my name and was rationing a can of sweetcorn for three ****ing days. I punched him in the face eventually - without even consciously being aware of doing it - and he stopped calling round.

2. Some communist git who genuinely believes that showering and brushing your teeth is 'conforming'. After avoiding him for a year, he turned up outside our door the other day. He was just standing there. Didn't even buzz in. Only reason I saw him was cos I was letting my friend out the door. Creepy.

3. A guy who constantly made up stories or stole other peoples' stories and made them into his own, not realising that the people he talked to were our friends and had already heard the stories from us. Also kept going on about Avenged Sevenfold which drove me nuts alone. Oh, and said he was the 'biggest drinker and stoner' at halls, even though we only seen him get wasted about four times and he threw up all over the place.

4. To put this short... this guy got a tattoo of his girlfriend's name after only 1 month of going out. We kicked him out of his own house once. No more needs to be said.
I used to know this girl named Karen. She was hot as fuck.

Also, Dane Cook is in no way funny.
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to a lot of my friends, i probably am that person. but i have one person that i hate, but everybody else likes. hes not funny not all, and he just picks on me because im fat, yet hes a fuckin twig
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I had a crush on a Karen in third grade, she moved away the next year .

Dane Cook is garbage.
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