i was watching some paid programming and there was this hour long thing with two guys who were talking about how the isrealites are really black people... the whole thing was really funny. only problem is, i didnt see the beginning or the end so i dont know what they are called and cant look it up on youtube. can anyone help?

the only other bit of info i can offer is that one guy would just read passages while the other would stop him after every phrase, sometimes to talk about it for awhile, other times to just repeat it. and the talking guy always refered to god as "jesus christ". every time the one reading the bible said "and the lord..." the other guy would repeat it "the lord jesus christ..."

yeah, im tired. but can anyone help me?
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wtf kinda infomercial is that?

the funniest one ive ever seen. i guess you have to see it to find it funny, but still...