i'd just use ebay, it's free (for minimal advertising and like 60 cents for premium i dunno) and you'll get a bigger audience
Ebay was ridiculously confusing, only let me post 1 picture, I had no clue how to do it's shipping and handling.

Seems like only there are only scammers on craigslist.
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How do I know how much to charge for shipping and handling?

Have you tried weighing it and getting the dimensions and seeing what prices for a box + shipping would be at UPS/FedEx/USPS ? Maybe you should charge around what shipping will cost you
I'll give you $200 for it.
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Wait 5 hours
Be accused by the promoter of being late
Get told we have only a 10 minute set
Play pure noise for 10 minutes

Worst and most amusing gig of my life.

Anyone else had this kind of **** happen?!

Dimebag had a worse gig.
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It was professionally tuned up?!?! I MUST BUY!

DO IT, it's better than someone like yourself tuning it up.
i would just stick to craigslist. i have always had success there. if you arent getting results, try posting it on the craigslist for a city near you as well as yours.