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Hey everyone im deciding to sell my Silvertone 1446 because i dont really play it that much so it basically just sits around collecting dust, and i need an upgrade from my marshall mg solid state, to some kind of tube amp because my band is starting to tour and play more shows lately and i would love to have a new amp that rumbles the venues okay on to the details

I got this guitar about 2 years ago, only played it once. then shortly after that the bridge broke off so i had to take it to a music shop to get it fixed, it lasted for a good bit then fell off again. i havent bothered with it since. I finally researched this guitar that i had no clue about its value. This guitar is worth anywhere from 1300-1500 dollars. Considering that my guitars bridge is off and its missing one knob and has a few cosmetics, i am only selling it for 900. I called a guy up in Maryland that collects vintage guitars the other day told him everything that was wrong with it and he said that in its condition right now i could get 1000 for it, but i dont want to sell it for that much thats why i only want 900.

I still have the bridge but unfortunally i do not have the missing knob. Anyone that is very serious about buying this very very rare guitar from me i will be more than happy to send very detailed pictures to. Also the guitar does not have strings on it obviously because of the bridge. I do have a case for it though but its not an original Silvertone case. This is one of the only Silvertones that they put Mini Gibson humbuckers in. My Loss Your gain. Thank You everyone for checking this post out
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Dude, no more than one post every 24 hours. 3 a week, just so you know
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Im Going to reduce the price to 700, please this guitar is vintage i need it gone
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okay all i want is at least $600 or a trade for a 5150 or 6505 or anything thats heavy, high gain, and loud
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I checked some pics out on google and just to let you know, the bridge isn't actually attached to the guitar...

its held to the body by string pressure...
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someone's listening in.
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If I hadn't just spent money on some new gear, I'd snatch that up in a heartbeat. Vintage Silvertone guitars are amazing. One of my friends owns a few, as well as one of the vintage basses, and they play and sound like a dream.

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id buy it for 17 bucks. this is my dream guitar, but i has only 17 bucks
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